Melbourne Day Trip: William Ricketts Sanctuary

Today we went to William Rickets Sanctuary, a tiny part of Dandenong Forest National Park. We were excited to learn that this magical spot is accessible by public transportation! So, after some minor public transport difficulties, we arrived at the sanctuary. William Ricketts was an Australian artist who developed relationships with two aboriginal tribes in central Australia. Through this relationship, and a deep relationship with the land, he realized a state of oneness and harmony with the natural world. That harmony was his inspiration for his sculptures, which feature aboriginal people, animals, plants, as well as Ricketts and his totem animals all flowing together in organic compositions. He worked in clay, which to him represented the constant change and mutability of matter, and integrated his sculptures into the landscape. The Sanctuary is truly a special place. The depth of his spirtual experience and message flow powerfully from his work, and we hope that message reverberates with anyone who sees it (directly or indirectly). We are part of an interconnected we of life, and it is our responsibility to respect and honor all of creation.

2 years ago

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