Watching Rugby + Frequenting Pubs

Arcadia was one of the main attractions for Brisbane Festival. Signs around the city pointed to the South Bank venue.
Arcadia was one of the main attractions for Brisbane Festival. Signs around the city pointed to the South Bank venue.

After last weekend in Toowoomba, we enjoyed Brisbane this weekend. To end their month-long Brisbane Festival, Saturday evening was Riverfire, a huge pyrotechnics display on the river with fighter jets dropping fireworks for half a million people. Half a million people. That’s nearly a twentieth of the population of this country. We hopped a train to Wooloowin and watched it on TV! We live very near the epicenter of the event; our nearest train station is the one that serviced the bulk of those 500,000 people. We epitomized the fish going against the school as we fought against the onslaught of people to get on a train away from the city. Not only did we venture out to Wooloowin to avoid the crowds, it was also our cousin Renee’s birthday! We celebrated with pizza; she and her sister celebrated with early bedtimes after a long partying day. After the Riverfire broadcast, John, Anne, and Graham watched the second rugby semi-finals. I fell asleep on the couch during a sports telecast while John cheered on the Queensland side. We’re truly in a different world, aren’t we?

John and I did go out and enjoy some of the Brisbane Festival in the last week, however. We ventured into one of their displays called Arcadia with all sorts of food trucks and pop up pubs with patios overlooking the river. They’ve had historic buildings lit up fuchsia all month, and there have been all sorts of free music events in our neighborhood to celebrate. We’re pretty happy to have fallen into a pattern of visiting a new cafe or pub each Monday evening, venturing out to new neighborhoods or going to explore parts of West End that we don’t see too particularly often.

The company that John works for sent him to a new site last week; he’ll be there through the end of this week as well. And it’s a great change! He’s got a great coworker, giving him all sorts of advice about day trips and weekend trips we have to take (Coochimudlo Island, anyone?). And he’s been spending his day maintaining a giant cricket oval. The location is also much closer, and so getting there has been a breeze.

Brisbane’s weather has continued to be fantastic, minus an epic hailstorm/monsoon yesterday afternoon. I had been out running errands and had about a seven minute walk to the house when it really started coming down. So I popped into a new pub we’ve been wanting to try. And then the sky fell down on Brisbane. Photos of hail across town look more like snow than hail; people actually built (pitiful) snowmen. When I finally got home, TWO hours later, our roommates said, “Oh, you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Apparently these monsoons will only become more frequent and more violent as spring turns to summer. Yikes!

The other big thing in our lives the last couple weeks is John’s album, which is officially finished and being uploaded to various musical outlets as we speak. After months of recording, weeks at the computer editing, and hours tweaking album art, it is complete!

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