Sunrise at Australia’s Most Easterly Point

Byron Bay is basically heaven on earth. A heaven of beaches, boutiques, and breweries. We loved Byron Bay. Loved it. Sunday morning, we woke up super early to see the sunrise at the Byron lighthouse. Getting out of bed early enough to make it by 6:14am was super challenging (for Reva especially). Driving in the dark across the city, we saw two wallabies – cute but also scary to see (like deer on a highway in Georgia). Parking at the lighthouse was comically difficult. But the trail and the lighthouse are numbers one and two on Trip Advisor’s “Things to Do” list for the city, so we knew it was going to be good.

Sunrise from the lighthouse was absolutely beautiful. We had 360-degree views of beaches on both sides, surfers getting early starts for the day, and even dolphins! Byron Bay is the most easterly city in Australia. (I cannot find a reason why Australians say “most easterly” and we say “easternmost.”) And the lighthouse is on the coast, making it the very most easterly point on the continent! It was an excellent way to start the day.

2 years ago

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