Settling In + Enjoying Brisbane

My view of the city and the river from the State Library of Queensland
My view of the city and the river from the State Library of Queensland

We’ve just hit the one month mark! We’ve been here just over one month, and we’re finally settled into a bit of routine. John got a job, an ongoing full-time job! He’s landscaping at a retirement village south of the city; it’s about a thirty-minute bus ride each morning. After a few days there, he just so accidentally ran into his great uncle Ross! By sheer coincidence, he’s working at the same retirement village that Ross and Wilma live in! It sounds like he’ll be able to go over and join them for afternoon tea once a week or so. I have moved into a pattern of working at the library every afternoon. The library here is just amazing; I can’t stop gushing about it. At absolutely no cost, I am able to rent an iMac workstation that’s situated in front of glass wall overlooking a park, the river, and the skyline! It’s absolutely stellar. The library has all sorts of nooks to hide in with the laptop for work or with a good book from the shelves. It’s about a thirty minute walk away (or an eight-minute bus ride on lazy days), and I’m taking full advantage of most everything it has to offer.

We’ve been in the house in West End for two and a half weeks. Our roommates have been great in sharing information about the best bakery on Boundary Street, the only place in town serving gelato worth eating, and the cheapest places to stay in Byron Bay. They’re great roommates to have! We were sad to see one of our roommates leave town this weekend; he’s just graduated from his masters program and thus had to head back to France. Hopefully we’ll cross paths with him one day in the future!

Meeting people has been our priority in the last couple weeks. We’ve started attending the Quaker meeting and mean to make a habit of it. The Quaker Meeting House here is settled in the middle of a forest, with windows spanning each side for a beautiful view. We’ve been enjoying some kirtan each Sunday evening around the corner from the house; John’s found some people to play music with, so he’s a happy camper. I’ve found a yoga studio downtown that suits me perfectly; they offer a hip hop yoga class, and on Saturday morning, Bon Iver was on the playlist. And we’ve been using as a means to find out about groups around town, quite successfully. From drinks with web designers to coffee over Buddhism discussions, we’re excited about all the events to embrace in the next six months!

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