Orientation: Tucson

We greatly enjoyed our time in Tucson – trying as much Mexican food as we could, beating the heat in the mountains, and getting to know the city. We flew Southwest from Atlanta to Phoenix and used Arizona Shuttle to get to Tucson, just an hour or so away (maybe an hour and a half). We were fortunate enough to stay with our friend, Martha, but a cursory glance at AirBnb showed a number of attractive options available. Martha was able to get us around the city, and we learned that public transportation is mostly limited to a shiny tram downtown, which might suffice for the central business district hotels and sights, but not much on the fringes. One final introductory note: don’t go in July. We originally intended to visit in March, and I have a feeling the sightseeing would have been a good bit more enjoyable were the temperatures under 100 degrees.


  • Cartel
  • Crave
  • Savaya


  • El Charro
  • Taqueria Juanitas
  • Pico & Mom’s


  • Pueblo Vida
  • Barrio
  • Thunder Canyon



  • Mt. Lemmon & Catalina State Park
  • A Mountain
  • Saguaro National Park


  • Airplane Boneyard
  • Tucson Museum of Miniatures
  • Biosphere 2


  • Tucson Botanical Garden
  • Pima Air & Space Museum
  • Tohonu Chul Botanical Garden

Events Worth Planning Around

  • Day of the Dead (November)
  • Tucson Festival of Books (March)
  • Tucson Conquistador’s Classic (March)

University of Arizona

  • Arizona Stadium
  • Tree-Ring Lab
  • Public Art Tour


  • Tucson Visitor Center
  • University of Arizona Visitor Center
  • Arizona Office of Tourism – Tucson
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