Orientation: Brisbane CBD

Orientation: Brisbane CBD
Orientation: Brisbane CBD

Brisbane is a medium-big city. It’s smaller than Sydney and Melbourne, and most non-Aussies don’t really know it exists unless they have reason to (e.g., family, business, etc.). For comparison, its metro-area population is 2.3 million, and Atlanta’s is 5.3 million. Portland (OR), Pittsburgh, Orlando, and Charlotte all have populations around 2.3 million. Brisbane’s Central Business District (CBD, or downtown) is small enough and flat enough that you can walk across it. It might actually have the same number of blocks as Athens’ downtown; Brisbane’s blocks, though, are much bigger and contain much taller high-rises. CBD hosts a slew of retail options – high end, low end, and everything in between. It’s also one of THE places to be on a weekend late night; the clubs and bars are on the fancier end. But first and foremost, it’s a business district, with skyscrapers touting IBM, Ernst and Young, and the like dominating the skyline. Banking, legal, and other suit-wearing and heel-wearing professionals spent their Monday through Fridays in the CBD. As would be expected, the train and bus systems center on the area, though plenty of regional busses take off from a stop that’s just outside (but walkable from) the CBD. For the most part, though, it’s safe to say that most trains/busses/etc lead to Central.

A teensy bit of history: Evidence of Aboriginals goes back thousands of years, but an Englishman named Oxley settled the Brisbane area in 1823 as a remote prison colony for the worst offenders. A gold rush hit in 1859, increasing the population and opening up land to non-prisoners. The city was officially established in 1925 by the Queensland Parliament.


  • Stretch Yoga
  • ATMA
  • Shri


  • Brew
  • Le Bon Choix
  • Bonsai Botanika


  • Miel Container Burgers
  • Vapiano
  • Pane e Vino


  • Sparrow & Finch
  • Hatch & Co.
  • Dumpling Republic


  • Red Hook
  • Exchange Hotel
  • Gilhooleys


  • City Botanic Gardens
  • Brisbane City Hall
  • Museum of Brisbane

Bridges with Views

  • William Jolly Bridge
  • Story Bridge
  • Kurilpa Bridge

Events + Festivals

  • Brisbane Riverfire (Sept)
  • Ekka Fair (Aug)
  • Int’l Film Festival (Nov)

Squares + Plazas

  • King George Square
  • ANZAC Square
  • Post Office Square
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