A Morning at the Wombeyan Caves

On our way out of the Blue Mountains, we opted to visit the Wombeyan Caves. They seem to be a bit of a cousin to the much more famous (and much more expensive) Jenolan Caves. After a thirty-minute-long horrendous, bumpy, unsealed road on the way in, we arrived at the very fun looking campsite and bought our tickets.

It was so creepy! On the one hand, it was amazing and eerily beautiful and breathtaking. On the other, it was scary – with bats chirping and whooshing about overhead. We were the only ones in there, and the self-guided cave we visited had motion-activated lights and messages. As we’d turn a corner, lights would highlight the new space, and a recorded message would explain the names and history of each room. One of the rooms was called the Opera House, which is exactly what it felt like – we were down below, on a center stage and a few hollow spaces had been carved out around the top of the space, with stalactites and stalagmites looking down at us!

We meandered through slowly – but not too slowly – finally arriving at the imposing Victoria’s Arch exit. As we walked through, no water was running. Apparently, after big rains, the water comes gushing through the arch into the cave, highlighting how the whole geological structure came to be.

We contemplated visiting another cave, but opted instead to picnic just beyond the cave’s exit. On our way back down the horrible unsealed road to the highway, we saw a very rare lyrebird!

3 years ago

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