A Month around Hobart

We didn’t spend an exceptional amount of time in Hobart, but I could certainly see myself returning. What a picturesque city! Its population is just 215,000, about half the population of Tasmania. And it’s settled right on the harbor, where ever curve you come around results in this majestic view of homes nestled in the hills, perched just over the water. All of Tasmania is picturesque in that way, really – water and mountains meeting wherever you turn.

Hobart, though, is home to a fantastic museum, a number of fun weekend markets, and lots of quirky neighborhoods and shops and cafes. We arrived in Tasmania the evening of New Years Eve, and so after we settled into our new room at our host’s house, we were shuttled back to the city to watch New Years fireworks over the harbour – quite a beautiful start for such a beautiful place! Many return trips to events and markets and fun made us wish we could spend longer there!

3 years ago

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