Christmas on Stradbroke Island

We never really felt too Christmas-y with the whole hot, sunny, beach-y weather during December. They have Santas on snowboards alongside fake snow in shop windows. There’s none of the dark, cold nights with lights and carols and, well, cheer. There’s condos on the beach and surfing lessons alongside family potlucks and after dinner games! Getting to spend Christmas with family – distant family, albeit – was a such a treat! We went to Stradbroke Island, ferrying out there with John’s great-uncle and great-aunt and celebrated as a family of seventeen. We had no (easy) cell service, no Internet, very little ability to talk to the outside of world. There were early morning walks, surfing, bodyboarding, Boxing Day cricket, great food, and a lot of reading. There were kangaroos and even a couple koalas! I finished a whole book; John got in a good bit of guitar playing. Each evening after dinner, the whole family got together to chat and play games and tell stories. It was a pretty excellent way to end our time in Brisbane!

2 years ago

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