Ten Starting Places: Choosing a RTW Pack

Every Friday, we post ten (or so) links about a helpful topic. The goal is to provide the beginner with a few quality guides to use as foundations in their search for answers about a specific question. Rather than seek out reviews about specific items, we aim to list articles that cover the basic questions.

One of the most important considerations before a big trip is your bag. Whether you choose a hiking-style backpack, an all-in-one rolling/backpack, or a glorified duffel bag, it’s going to be with you every step of the way (hopefully!). Your back, your gear, and your sanity will benefit from a well-chosen bag. Take a look at some of these articles before getting too overwhelmed by the virtually endless options out there!

  1. Snarky Nomad discusses the pros and cons of top-loading hiking backpacks and the benefits of the few quality panel-loading “travel packs” out there. This is probably the most valuable article I’ve come across, if not the most budget-friendly.
  2. Bootsnall always has detailed travel articles. Their luggage guide goes into a variety of options that other travelers skip.
  3. Never Ending Voyage details how they came to love their Tortuga and Osprey Farpoint 40 backpacks.
  4. Bacon is Magic describes the right questions to ask at a brick-and-mortar store.
  5. The Yoga Nomads have an easy to understand chart for their short list of packs, and it includes yoga mats. Don’t be afraid to use your own unique requirements in your search – what’s best for the majority out there may not be exactly what you need.
  6. Travel Fashion Girl gives a step-by-step guide to choosing the perfect bag for you, from size to features.
  7. Nomadic Matt doesn’t really give any specific bag recommendations, but it does have lay out the features to consider in an understandable way.
  8. Globetrooper learned some lessons about their bags and doesn’t really sugarcoat the mistakes they made while learning.
  9. Lengthy Travel has quite an, um, lengthy write up of a few different Osprey bags. It covers a specific brand, but it’s length gives you some great pointers for your search.
  10. A Little Adrift sums it up nicely: “Go as small as you can.”
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