A Month around Hobart

We didn’t spend an exceptional amount of time in Hobart, but I could certainly see myself returning. What a picturesque city! Its population is just 215,000, about half the population of Tasmania. And it’s settled right on the harbor, where ever curve you come around results in this majestic view of homes nestled in the hills, perched…

1 year ago

Building Paths + Painting Fences

We spent a month in Tasmania back in January, the best month to visit Tassie! The middle of summer not only provided great weather – albeit fickle – but also festivals and markets and events to enjoy in Hobart and around. We spent most of the month with hosts via HelpEx, meaning we got to see some of the more rural, unique parts of the area. Work-exchanging in a place like Tasmania is brilliant – being a bit less…

1 year ago

A Week in Sandford

On New Year’s Eve, we flew to Hobart and were picked by our host for the week at the airport. We found our hosts through the HelpX program, which is designed to link up travelers with potential homestays. HelpX is similar to other programs such as WWOOF and WorkAway, and is basically an agreement to work 4-5 hours a day for 5 or six days a week in exchange for room and board. The best part

1 year ago

Surfing Christmas + Exploring Tassie

Well, it’s been awhile. For folks that have followed my past travels, you might notice that we don’t blog as much as I used to. In fact, we’ve stopped blogging almost entirely. It’s been an ongoing topic of discussion, and we don’t have many succinct reasons. For one, we were working in Brisbane, which means the most interesting thing we had to blog about some weeks was that the…

2 years ago