About John + Reva

John is a gardener, a musician, and a nature lover, with a soft spot for science fiction books and an eye for good food. He is the blog’s chief philosopher. Reva has a bit of travel experience. She’s a reader, a writer, and student of all things classical. She loves dark chocolate, computers, and calligraphy. She is the blog’s technician and chief supervisor. They’ve been married just over a year and love to tell the story of how cheap Nepali 3G, Charles de Gaulle, and WWOOFing got them together. Together, they’re into yoga, veganism, and gardening.

John and Reva have a serious case of the travel bug, and we hope that it is contagious. We blog to inspire other hearts and minds to “take the leap” and get out there into the rest of the world. We also offer some helpful starting points and references to the wider travel-blog community, so that you can navigate the high seas of the internet more easily. A bit like a table of contents, perhaps.

So travelling, yes, that’s a good starting point. But why brightly? Does that involve flashlights? Headlamps? Well, travelling is an opportunity to broaden the horizons of our experience. It places us in situations where we must reach out to others and communicate with people who don’t necessarily speak our language. Journeying shows us a bit more of the world we live in. Together. And for us, this awareness of our home planet and our fellow travelers seems important. And maybe, through travelling, we can learn to open our hearts a bit more. To let our light shine more brightly. That is our intention. Join us! It’ll be fun. If you have a different intention or aren’t sure what you want, consider setting one­. It’s like setting your compass towards true North. You’ll probably go all kinds of other directions on the way, but it’ll help you keep your bearings.