A Few Days in Sydney

So, well, Sydney is awesome. Unless you ask John about traffic. Then Sydney is awful and terrible and the worst ever. So, yes, Sydney’s traffic is intense. But if you ask me, other than traffic, I was pleasantly surprised by the place.

We lucked out with our AirBnB – it had a fantastic location right in the heart of Newtown. When I went to the pie shop – it had a PIE shop – and requested a vegan pie, the employee asked, “Which one?” Because the savory pie shop had multiple vegan pies to choose from. That never happens! (We opted to skip the vegan fish and chips place. Because vegan fish sounds, um, fishy.) Public transport in Sydney was cheap and easy to use, and we got around – the Botanical Gardens, the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge. One rainy day, we did an epic walking tour around CBD and a few of the fun neighborhoods nearby. We wound up in a neighborhood called Surrey Hills for a pretty excellent Cuban dinner. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to spend more time exploring this city. It has a reputation for being businessy and uncultured, but apparently we saw the cool parts.

Mom and John caught up one day to visit the zoo, and they timed it right so that as they ferried back to the central city, they passed by the Harbour Bridge at sunset. It’s amazing how photogenic Australia cities are, and these two structures in particular. One late afternoon, we spent a couple hours just resting our feet, chilling and chatting at a café/bar right under the Opera House, with the view of the boats going in and out of the harbour. We could even see the groups of people climbing the bridge! It was a quick little jaunt, just enough to make me want to go back and explore more. (Luckily, we will, because the next three family/friends trips will involve a few days in Sydney!)

1 year ago

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